Bye Cali

After five days of the most perfect weather (post 11:30am fog burn off) in Califonia, it’s time to say goodbye.

If we weren’t riding bikes down Venice beach in the Cali sun, we were shooting a timelapse from the helipad on the roof of a downtown LA dance school. It really is hard to call a trip work when you’re squeezing in movie launches in Hollywood, or climbing all over the walls (and trees) at Google HQ.


Izzy, our local LA correspondent was amazing at getting us around, finding us amazing margarita+mexican digs, and literally passing the time with.


Frank Gehry, our subject for the documentary was a little under the weather when we picked up a few sequences with him in his office. Soundbite of the day, Frank: Get this fucking microphone off me. There is no doubt however, that his buildings are genius.

Google have a games room in their office that puts Toys R’ Us to shame! Should have been a web designer.

The Thompson Hotel in Beverley Hills kicks ass. It takes five minutes for your eyes to adjust to the ‘mood lighting’ they’ve got going on in there, but the free wifi in the lobby helps with that. The staff are all so friendly. I feel like employing someone to sit at my house and just say to me,’Welcome home Mr Small’ every time I return.


LA definitely lived up to expectations, and although sleep has been sparse, it’s rocked.

Next stop, Chicago.

instagram: @the_lostboys

moon timelapse


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