Lost in NYC

Chicago is behind us, and we leave with blurry but revelrous memories of Hugo’s Frog Bar. *It’s next to Gibson’s famous steakhouse – and serves the same great steaks as Gibson’s but has amazing seafood as well – no brainer. I may or may not have played their piano! No one seemed to care.

See: http://youtu.be/KBAmLcoDjco

I knew I would love New York. I loved it from the second I woke up hazy on the plane and gawked over two people to catch a glimpse of the Manhattan skyline out the window. I’m always mindful of how the anticipation of going somewhere new can ruin your experience, but I just knew that I was safe to assume NYC was going to blow my mind.wlkin

It’s true, the place is in a hurry. Even the way the buildings scatter and stack the sky gives the impression that they would up and rush if they could. There is no balance to the city as there was in Chicago.


I met a local barista at the Blue Spoon who recognised I was Aussie and she made me a flat white coffee. It was out of control good, and I actually danced with excitement  in her empty cafe.


I’ve been here for five hours and I’m hooked on the buzz of the faces in the streets. There are film trucks on every second corner. For the first time on this trip it is actually hard to take photos, because I’m anxious that I’ll miss seeing something else by affording time to a shot. If Sydney could be the LA of Australia, then first impressions of NYC definitely remind me of Melbourne (on some serious peptides) *No Essendon joke intended.ny

I’ve got the next four days to get completely lost in one of the world’s biggest cities. Let’s see who sleeps first!



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