Lost in Berlin

      ‘As the warmth of the sun leaves my back,
and these bruise coloured skies turn to black,
none of these faces look the same,
and not one knows my name.
I am a long way from home.
-Radical Face

Thank you Radical Face, I couldn’t better describe the feeling of losing myself in the streets of Berlin today. It’s an eerie isolation being in such a remarkably visual city, but having no familiarity with where you are and no understanding of the language. The strokes of the street change ten times within the space of just as many blocks. Old is butted hauntingly against new. I found myself searching the faces of older men and women for a hint that they may have been in Berlin during the war. The city itself hides none of its past and is beautiful as a result.
I managed to stop and take a few photos, despite my fascination. I’ll leave it with that, as some serious jet lag is pulling me towards the comfiest hotel bed I’ve ever seen! Thank you work – Regent Berlin rocks!
Instagram: @the_lostboys

2 thoughts on “Lost in Berlin

  1. “Old is butted hauntingly against new.” — I probably couldnt describe it as well but thats the same I felt when I visited the city a couple of years back. Great post, there!

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