Lost in Chicago

It’s the heightening of the senses that makes travel exciting for me. It’s the constant analysis of the world I’m used to vs. the world I’m immersed in. In short, I take notice instead of cruising on autopilot.


That as it is, I think every traveler is searching for that ‘unique’ experience that affirms their adventure is different to anyone else’s. It’s the same feeling you get when you hear your favourite lead singer tell you that your town rocked way harder than any other on tour.


I’ve heard people say, ‘A city is a city, seen one seen em’ all.’ But some cities have a soul, or an anxiety,or a pulse.  I’ve spent the last few days in Chicago, with the prospect of a day off today. There has been an anxious hype pulsing through the crew ever since we arrived. It’s the 4pm sunlight reflecting off mirrored glass buildings, raking through black fire escape stairs. It’s the sound of trains roaring overhead on twisted rusting metal arches, transporting people to somewhere that I’m anxious to be missing out on seeing.  The city is intoxicating, it draws you in, and strums at your excitement  every time you discover another one of its secrets.


Even now writing this in the hotel, I have a nervous pang that I’m missing something somewhere outside that I couldn’t experience anywhere else in the world. So I’ll leave it at that!

instagram: @the_lostboys